Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Doppleganger Gallery

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Poopiest Blog - I mean BLOCK in Brooklyn

Yes, I think we have found a winner: Brooklyn's most shit-covered block. It is the Ocean Parkway access road (east side) between Church Ave and Caton Ave. The sidewalks are covered in dog poop.

Charles and I share a car with our dear friends Julie and Andrea. They live just down the street. One vehicle per 4 people seems reasonable to us. And it works out wonderfully. We have a little google map to keep track of where it's parked and we all have keys. It's a great arrangement. The only trouble is: the there is one block between us and it is the poopiest blog in the known universe.

How did this happen? Did it come to be this way over some sort of long decay of decency? Or did all etiquette break down overnight?

I do not have a dog. And I know not what I would do if I, as a dog owner, stumbled upon this block where there is no trash bin, and having already used my plastic bags for the responsible removal of messes earlier in our walking, and my dog, suddenly, seeing the - no lie - 30 or 40 piles of dog pies (some petrified, others still steaming mounds) was somehow drawn inexplicably and irresistibly to contributing his own deposit to this collection.

What's the right thing to do here? Avoid this block? Take up a resolution in the city counsel to add trash bin and curb-your-dog signs? And what does 'curb your dog' mean anyway? Isn't 'clean up after your freakin' pooch' a little more direct?