Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do you remember when I was a vegetarian? I don't.

Start to finish, Fette Sau is a perfect concept for a restaurant. I think I am in love.

Fette Sau means, I am told, fatted pig, as in "Come on over. We'll roast the fatted pig and drink some bourbon." It's a restaurant opened in a former auto-body shop and it's brilliant. Food's decade and simple...I tried (and can recommend) pork shoulder, ribs, pastrami, pork belly and (yes -- it's true) pig tails.

With drawings of butchers' cuts on the walls...the most extensive whiskey and bourbon selection I've ever seen...and custom-made brews poured from taps made of mallets and butcher's knives...BRILLIANT! The aesthetic is genius. And while pulling off a sort of a haute-industrial DIY look the vibe is laid back, very accomodating and casual. No small part of that casual atmosphere is the fact that it is an exclusively counter service joint. You amble up to the counter and pick out some smoked meats served by weight with sides of burnt-end beans, german-style potatoe salad or sauerkraut. Bravo.

I'll be back.

Fette Sau
354 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211
nr. Havemyer St.


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