Monday, October 09, 2006

Sinking Approval Ratings on Presidential Job Performance -- One Implausible Explanation Debunked by Stewart

Jon Stewart seems to be the only man in American actually LISTENING to what the president is saying. He's DEFINITELY the only one trying to hold him accountable for what he says. Brilliant, hilarious, and ultimately, depressing.


Blogger SohoSally said...

What? 20 million seems like a great deal! My bat mitzvah cost 10 million and that was back in the eighties.
With inflation and everything 20 mill doesn't seem too bad at all.

They could do a camouflage/olive theme with safety orange as an accent color. I'm thinking brass colored jordan almonds in sand colored netting. For table centerpieces, cacti are always nice! Also, I've got the name of a great caterer - Haliburton. They did a beautiful job at our welcome party.

Congrats on your new blog!!!

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