Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jury Duty

Returned from Africa to find a my jury summons in the mail.

This is getting ridiculous. I have spent more time in Brooklyn courts in the last six months than, well, than I have in the gym, regrettfully.

So far, it's 12:22pm and I've been sitting here since 8:30 am along with a few hundred of my fellow Brooklynites, listening to lists and lists of names. Mine has yet to be called.

Fingers crossed that the trend continues.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wrong and Write

You can also watch it HERE if it's not loading right on my site. (I just watched from Big Orange Splot and the sound was off -- but that's just the magic of the internet...if you go to this link, it'll work a little better.)

48 Hour Film Fest

I highly reccomend that you watch this film. It's called "Wrong and Write" and it was created by the production team know as Double Stunt Double for the 2007 48 Hour Film Project!

Written, filmed and edited between Friday June, 15 and Sunday June, 17.

Required Elements:

Character: Tetley Fairfax, writer
Prop: Conference badge
Line of dialogue: Well, if you must know, my father told me.

I attended a screening of films for the 48 Hour Film Fest on Wednesday night and this was, BY FAR, the best film shown. Aside from it being the only one with consistently good techincal quality, it had the best script, best performances, and was the most coherent -- so many others were meandering scene after scene leaving the audience somewhat in the dark about the meaning or direction of it all. Now, some might argue that my opinion should be seriously discounted as my boyfriend, Charles, is one half of the Double Stunt Double team and produced, wrote, and directed this film. But perhaps not. Perhaps I've already accounted for that bais, and even so, it was DEFINITELY the best of the bunch. That's what I say. His work clearly rose above - even assuming that I'd like it more than the others. We now wait to see if Double Stunt Double will win any awards or advance on to the next round of competition which would mean making another 48 hour film in September, with the winner of that round taking home a $10,000 award.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Making Like a Tanzanian Devil

Just a quickie post to say: if you are looking for me, well, I've skipped town. I'm in Tanzania until June 16th -- although it'll take me until the 18th to make my way home to Brooklyn.

I'm intending to blog about my adventures over here if you wanna see what I'm up to.

I say 'intending' because since my arrival here on the African continent I've come to realize that things take time. Especially online. A single webpage may load for hours. And access may not be all that easy to find.

This morning (or rather TODAY as this errand took hours!) I went into 'town' to try to buy some plane tickets -- but learned that the airline I hope to fly on Friday is cash only. What may be a prudent business decision for them sure is inconvenient for me. But in exploring my options I learned that if I hire a driver and rent a 4wd jeep, I may save $70 or so -- and although it'll take me 18 hours longer to reach my final destination (I'll have to pick up an all night ferry to cross Lake Victoria) -- I'll get to cross the Serengeti and see the Ngorongoro Crater. I can think of worse ways to spend 18 hours.