Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Genius. Evil, evil genius.

Ok, I use MS Word and Excel. Daily. And while I have my beefs with the business practices of their profoundly powerful corporate creator, I don’t think that Microsoft is all bad. But it is with no small amount of shame and trepidation that I recommend this. It’s a ad. Sure. But it is also a really smart move for Microsoft because, well, it’s just undeniably creative. And Apple is usually the house fav for quirky creative types, right? Go watch Episode One -- A Rare Condition -- and see if you don’t agree. Smart money well spent by Microsoft. But don’t worry. Nothing’s changed. I’ll still pirate their software and I refuse to feel guilty about that.

p.s. I totally want to be a Racoonicorn for Halloween. But I think I'm going with 'Mad Cow' this year. More on that later.


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