Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Seismic Event Rocks Ellen's World

The unthinkable happened. After nearly 4 years of complaining about the inferiority of Mexican food in New York, I return to San Francisco for my regular pilgrimage to Tacqueria Cancun only to find a vegetarian super burrito…wait for it…mediocre. It was slightly soggy – too much sour cream – and, I hate to admit, bland.

I couldn’t believe it. Here’s my usual rant -- preserved for posterity:
- Why can’t New York make a decent burrito?
- The raw materials are pretty widely available -- so the lack of a decent burrito smacks of inexplicable geographic cultural differences
- New York usually goes wrong by trying to over fill the tortilla and not evenly distributing the ingredients thereby creating segregated flavor pools in an unpleasant way
- Cancun is the best because they grill the tortilla…creating a pastry-like effect.

But all that seems, well, passé, given that I’d rather have a $2 taco from my local Brooklyn tacqueria. I’m really broken up about this. How has it come to this?


Blogger Mike said...

There's a burrito joint here in Arlington that grills the burrito too. El Charrito Caminante. We'll grab a burrito next time you're in the area.

10:58 PM  
Blogger Ellen Horne said...

Most definitely! I'm morally opposed to the steamed tortilla. May try to make it down in late Dec/early Jan for a couple of days...will keep you posted.

11:09 PM  
Blogger ScooterNJ said...

I went on a burrito binge, like Morlon Spurlock did in "Super Size Me", for about a few weeks last April. I had never eaten burritos before, and so, after I embraced its wholesomeness, I just had to eat them constantly. Other reasons were that: I had received about a week's worth of free burrito coupons from Chipotle, and also, I was on a quest to find the best burrito in the five boroughs. My search ended abruptly after I had to move back to New Jersey, but during my quest, I found that of all the placed I went to, Taco Chulo in Williamsburg had the best burrito.

7:37 PM  

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